“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.”


Spring park roadYour health is the foundation of your life. It has the power to determine your energy level, mood, and productivity which play a role in the quality of your relationships, physical activity, confidence, work, and choices you make throughout your day.

Health begets health. When you are healthy, it’s easy to make healthy choices and continue to do so.  Unfortunately, the same applies in the reverse situation.  When you are unhealthy, it can be difficult to reverse your poor choices to better ones.  It isn’t as simple as an on/off switch. With your hectic lifestyle as a wearer of many hats (like mother, CEO, philanthropist, marathoner, and/or road warrior), the convenience of processed foods, and our culture of instant gratification, being healthy is the ultimate challenge.

Time and time again, you’ve made promises to get healthy. Many new years, birthdays, and swimsuit seasons have come and gone with resolutions tossed by the wayside.  It’s not your fault – you have a life outside taking care of your health. So here’s the dilemna: you want to make changes but life keeps getting in the way.

Unfortunately, there is never a perfect time to focus solely on your health. You will always have more exciting-important-interesting-fun things to do than learning how to take care of yourself. However, you cannot enjoy those other aspects of your life when your health is compromised.  Step up and take responsibility for your personal well-being.

Livanu Wellness is here to empower you to make healthy changes because this is the most perfect and important time for you to do so.  We specialize in navigating you to health and happiness while you strive to be the best you can in all other areas of your life. We know that you want to improve your  health but there is so much else going on for you that it falls by the wayside.  Guess what?  Juggling those other priorities will only get easier when you have a strong, solid foundation of a healthy lifestyle.  As a health empowerment company, we are here to tell you that 1) you can improve your health while balancing your other priorities and b) the stresses of the other priorities can be relieved when you are sick less often and have more energy.

Quote by the World Health Organization